Traditional Monogamy

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Traditional monogamy is when two people who have never been romantically or sexually involved with anyone else previously remain sexually/romantically faithful to one another over the course of a lifetime.

Possible Benefits to Traditional Monogamy

  • The following non-exhaustive list provides possible benefits to choosing traditional monogamy:
  • There can be no comparisons to former sexual/romantic partners because neither partner has one.
  • If both partners remain faithful, there is little risk of experiencing jealousy over outside partners or romantic interests.
  • Choosing traditional monogamy allows compliance with ideals set forth by various systems of belief (i.e. religion or cultural norms).
  • When both partners remain faithful, STI risk is greatly reduced* or eliminated.
  • The experience of being with someone for a long period of time provides unique insight into love and partnership.
  • Learning creative ways to negotiate and fulfill romantic/sexual needs over the course of a lifetime.

Possible Challenges to Traditional Monogamy The following non-exhaustive list provides possible challenges those choosing traditional monogamy:

  • Regret over not having experienced sex or romance with anyone but one’s partner.
  • If traditional monogamy is a part of a value system, one may feel pressured or be required to stay with a partner despite feelings of unhappiness or dissatisfaction with the relationship.
  • Keeping the romantic/sexual relationship engaging throughout the course of the relationship.
  • Managing romantic or sexual feelings for people outside of the monogamous unit.
  • Misunderstanding about traditional monogamy by those outside of the relationship or those choosing other relationship styles.
  • Having sexual/romantic needs that remain unfulfilled due to differences in romantic/sexual preferences.
  • Making life decisions that involve another person.

*Some STIs can be transmitted through non-sexual means.