Sliding Scale Therapist

Sliding Scale Therapist Services in Philadelphia: We are pleased to be able to offer a sliding scale therapist to all of our clients.  Simply call our intake line, (267) 324-9564 and ask about our sliding scale therapist.  During the initial screening process, please be prepared to share:

Sliding Scale Therapist Required Information 1) How we can help you.  Specifically, what is the issue that is going on.  The reason we need this information is to be able to match you with the most appropriate therapist. Each therapist has his or her own area of specialty.

Sliding Scale Therapist Required Information 2) Your preferred appointment time.  We are designed to meet the needs of working professionals. We have therapists that see clients between 7am-9pm, 7 days a week.  With that being said, not every therapist is available at all hours of the day, but collectively we can meet the needs of most clients.

Sliding Scale Therapist Required Information 3) If you need to have a therapist that will see you on a sliding scale, please be prepared during the initial phone call to disclose your annual income.  Prior to your attending a session we want to agree upon a price that will work for you.

Sliding Scale therapist Services in Philadelphia