Sexual Aversion

Most people are not in the mood for sex twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Sometimes people get sick, tired, stressed out or simply don’t have time. This is normal. However, if the feeling of not wanting sex persists and you find the thought of it disgusting, repulsive or unpleasant, you might be experiencing a sexual aversion.

Sexual aversions can occur when:

  • You are with the a person for the wrong reasons (e.g. obligation)
  • You and your significant other are fighting and you do not feel emotionally close
  • You dislike the way the person smells or looks
  • You have trouble teaching a person how you like to be touched
  • You are experiencing flashbacks, feelings, or body memories of sexual trauma

If you are experiencing a sexual aversion to your partner, talk to him/her about it. Some sexual aversions can be worked through with good communication skills.  When a sexual aversion is the result of a past sexual trauma, a conversation with your partner will likely not be enough to work through the aversion.  Consider reading some of our other tips on sexual trauma and seeing a therapist to help you the resolve a sexual aversion resulting from trauma.