Sex Games

Sex Games
Sex Games

Sex Games

Sex Games:  Children know how much fun playing games can be, and adults would do well to remember.  Sex Games are a great way to stretch the mind, connect in new ways and foster intimacy.  Playing Sex Games with a lover can be fun, competitive, sexy and humorous. There are no limits as to how you and your lover play games. You can play games that are traditional like Monopoly, Twister, Taboo and Wii or you can use games that completely rely on the imagination. Either type make for a fabulous sex game.

To reconnect with your inner child’s imagination, we strongly encourage you to borrow a friend’s child, who is between the ages of 4-8 and play with them. ( NO SEX IS INVOLVED imagine babysitting). Your friend’s child will teach you how games are played.  Children’s sense of play is great. If they want to play kitty cat & owner, no props are needed. They simply get down on the floor and pretend they are a cat and that the other person is the owner.  Either the owner or the cat will suddenly decide the location of their home, and take a nap. Or if the cat is hungry will create a fictional bowl for feeding. Of course props like a leash or a bowl full of milk are fun, but are not required. In the world of make-believe sometimes less is more. If you feel too awkward about babysitting, you can go to a local park and just observe some children at play.  Children naturally are always using their minds to play.  Please note, children at play are not engaging in sex play. Children learn through play. What we are suggesting is that you observe children, or reconnect with them as a way to remember how to access that particular side of your brain. Once you can recall the dynamics of play, we are suggesting you use your adult brain to add a sexual component. The sexual component must only be used with another adult.

UNO with a Sexual Twist:  Keep all the traditional rules with a couple of new additions.

  • SKIP no longer means skip the other person…instead SKIP means: teasing your partner for 3 minutes (this includes teasing kisses, teasing their feet, teasing with a feather).
  • Draw Two no longer means just drawing two cards…instead it becomes Draw Two Kisses out for Two minutes. Kissing is a lovely way to heighten intimacy and increase erotic feelings.
  • The Wild Card is not simply to change the color…in Erotic Uno the Wild Card is used to get Wild! Dealers Choice with that!

Twister with a Sexual Twist:  This is a great party game.  It is ideal for two or more people.  The rules are simple.  Each time a person fails, they have to take off a piece of clothing. Eventually each player (or at least some of the players) are naked and ‘accidentally’ touching one another.

52 Sex Positions Flash Cards: Describe 52 of sex positions, or sexual acts on index cards. Take turns with your lover flashing the card to your partner.  Whatever your partner sees she/he must recreate.  This is a great opportunity to introduce new sexual ideas that under normal circumstances you might feel too shy to ask for.  If you are having trouble thinking of different sexual acts, or positions, feel free to read some of the other tips written on this website, or purchase a sex book.


Doctor & Patient with a Sexual Twist:  As a children, most people can remember playing doctor with their friends. The doctor has to complete a medical exam on their patient.  Well, in this case, imagine the patient is having her yearly gynecological exam, or having his yearly urological exam where all the private parts need to be explored in-depth.  Of course, accidents occur, and special attention is required.

Stranded on an Island with a Sexual Twist:Imagine your bed is the island. All around you is water.  The two of you are stuck.  Try exploring on your bed.  What can the two of you find?  Try creating a cooking area, wild animals. What will you use for an umbrella when it starts to rain?  Can you take a small space like a bed and make it into something that is not? What wild adventure will the two of you go on, on this island. In this scenario, forget the sex. Can you simply get back into the land of make believe? By reconnecting with the playfulness / imaginative side of yourself you will be fostering an intimacy that can easily be brought into any later sexual play.

Remember the best game of all is one you make up with your partner for the two of you to exclusively use. Use your imagination in designing the type of game(s) to be played.  As the game evolve, so will the title, the rules and the outcome. Use past played games as a resource and work on it together. Maybe the construction of the game IS the game. Do whatever you want, just have fun and play.