Online Therapy

Online Therapy / Skyping: Currently, Sex Therapy in Philadelphia is only engaging in phone therapy, but not e-mail / online therapy /skyping. The concept of email / online therapy / skyping and phone therapy is relatively new. As a result there are many unanswered questions: does email / online therapy / skyping or phone therapy work? Is it ethical? Or legal?

Currently in Pennsylvania, our mental health counseling license only allows us to communicate with established clients via skyping, and email as long as the majority of the session occur in our office face-to-face.  Should we as professionals, offer treatment to people living in other states or even countries, we put ourselves in jeapority.  Thus as an organization if you live in a different state and can not make regular appointments, or are an established client who is making a permanent move we will do our best to help you find a therapist who lives local to you and can provide face-to-face treatment.  If you live far away please check out our www therapy directory or call us and we can try to help you locate a therapist in your area. Sometimes we know more information than what is available on our website.Given the current laws, with new clients we will only exchange simple information via the phone or Internet. For example, answering questions about our service, or scheduling an appointment.  Feel free to read our self-help tips and glean as much information from them as you can.  If you contact us via the Internet, please understand that email is not secure, nor a confidential means of communicating, so we can not guarantee you your confidentially. Our assumption is that if you contact us via email, that you have agreed to the above conditions.  The best way to contact us is to call (267) 324-9654. If we do not answer, please leave a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are calling from another country, please note that we are unable to return phone calls, so be prepared to call us several times or leave your email address on our answering machine.