Kissing Tune Up

Kissing Tune Up – developed by a sex therapist

Did your partner confirm your worst  fear? Your style of kissing does not make his or her bells and whistles go off.  Congratulations for figuring it out, and being willing to do something about it.  You might have been a great kisser for all of your past lovers, but the only one that  counts at the moment is the person you are kissing in the moment. This tip is designed to help people living in Philadelphia correct the problem.

As you are reading this tip, and  practicing the suggestions, do not forget to ask for feedback from your partner.   If she/ he has trouble articulating the problem, can she/he given you an  exaggerated demonstration of the problem? Sometimes a good laugh can break the  tension. Can she / he make some suggestions for how to improve? Is she / he  willing to practice with you while you try out some new moves?

  • If you kiss like a pencil
  • If your kisses are too wet

Practice puckering your lips and kissing  the air as loudly as possible. The act of making noise while kissing, forces  your lips into a ‘soft’ position. Once you are comfortable doing this, repeat  it, but with less noise. Some people prefer a quieter sound. An added benefit to  this style of kissing is that it tends to be on the drier side. It is hard to do  a sloppy wet loud kiss. The saliva deadens the noise.

  • If your kiss is too soft
  • If you look bored while kissing

Practice kissing with an enormous smile  on your face. The act of smiling tends to place the lips in a taunt position.   An added benefit to this style of kissing is that smiles are contagious and  thus, your partner will more likely be smiling back at you!

  • If your partner gets easily bored of kissing

Experiment with different types of  kissing. This might be sucking on their lips, licking their teeth with your  tongue. Change the pace of your kiss. Go from fast to slow.  Change locations.  Consider a roaming kiss where you start with their lips, then move down their  throat, eventually ending up at their fingers. From their fingers, you can  easily start sucking on them. After a few minutes of this you can move their  hand over their genitalia. Once near their genitalia, you can try kissing and  sucking on both at the same time.