Grief and Loss Therapy Group

Grief and Loss Therapy Group in Center City Philadelphia

This group has nothing to do with sex therapy

Losing a loved one unexpectedly brings up many questions, doubts, and regrets for those living with the loss. Coping with the inability to have a final goodbye, or last word with a loved one, or dealing with the events of how one died can be an added obstacle to letting go and mourning loss.

If you are looking to meet with other individuals who have recently lost a sibling, partner, or parent, and are struggling with you grief, this grief and loss therapy group may be right for you. The group will help those grieving to:

  • Talk about your lost loved one, share the struggles of losing him/her
  • Develop better understanding of your emotions, why they are happening, and how to cope with them
  • Learn how to talk to other family and friends in your life about how the loss has impacted you
  • Develop new ways to express your emotions in a healthy and effective manner
  • Gain information on the steps and process of grief and loss
  • Learn from experiences of others who have also lost a loved one
  • Explore new ways to celebrate and live your life while honoring lost life.


To join the grief and loss therapy group in Center City Philadelphia please call our main number and speak with one of our counselors (215) 922-5683 x 1 or our general intake line (267) 324-9564.

Cost: $10 per session.