Fuck Buddies

Fuck buddies are a form of sexual relationship that does not include a romantic or emotional component.

Fuck Buddies Possible Benefits

  • Being able to experience sexual gratification without having to manage the complexities of emotions and/or romance.
  • It is easier to fit into a busy work or life schedule than an emotional and/or romantic relationship.
  • A fuck buddy who has been tested for STIs can provide consistent sexual gratification with a lower risk of STI transmission than engaging in serial casual encounters.
  • Not having to engage in courtship rituals can save both parties money.
  • Both partners (should) understand that the relationship revolves around nothing more than sexual gratification.

Fuck Buddies Possible Drawbacks

  • As sex can be a very intense act, there is a chance that one person may experience unreciprocated romantic emotions.
  • For some, the emotional and/or romantic elements of a relationship are an integral part of sex, and the fuck buddy relationship may not be fulfilling.
  • The lack of emotional component can sometimes translate into a lack of care for the other person’s pleasure or a lack of respect for the other person.
  • The lack of romantic or emotional component can make it difficult to prioritize a fuck buddy, making consistency difficult.

Managing A Fuck Buddy Relationship

Be clear about your intentions and boundaries as fuck buddies from the beginning so as not to cause confusion.

  • Understand that even if intentions have been made clear, emotions may eventually surface. Fuck buddies relationships, like other relationships are constantly evolving.
  • If unreciprocated emotions surface, discuss whether those feelings can fit into the agreed upon fuck buddies arrangement.
  • Know that a discussion of emotions could result in the end of the arrangement of being fuck buddies.
  • Understand that not all relationship styles are for everyone. It is okay if you try a fuck buddy relationship and realize that it isn’t for you. Lots of relationships end. Most people need to experience different dating types of relationships to know what actually works for them.