The Eating Disorder Voice

The Eating Disorder Voice?

The Eating Disorder voice verbally abuses people with Anorexia.   They can become extremely nervous when they do not know their exact weight.  Anorexia gives its victims the illusion of control, but clearly it is the disease that actually takes control of them. When I asked a client to describe her relationship with her eating disorder I posed the question “Is your eating disorder your friend or your enemy?   She paused and said thoughtfully?   “It’s kind of like a backstabbing friend”.  This “backstabbing friend” is what is referred to in the field as the Eating Disorder voice…


  • Look at the girl she is skinnier and therefore better than you
  • You ate that piece of pizza and now you gained ten pounds
  • If you eat lunch then your friends will think you are a fat pig
  • Guys won’t like you unless you are skinny
  • You are a quitter if you recover
  • If you eat that you are a failure
  • Do not listen to your parents, therapists, and the doctor. They are just trying to make you fat!
  • Just lose a few more pounds and everything will be better
  • Do not eat that
  • You should not have eaten that
  • You have no self control