Cuddle Party Philadelphia

Cuddle party, cuddle parties, pillow parties are viewed as nonsexual event, a cuddle party is a gathering of adults who experiment with affection, touch, and intimacy without a sexual connotation. Usually these adults socialize while touching, saying “yes” and “no” to touching depending on their comfort level. Individuals can cuddle independently or within the group context. There is usually a “cuddle lifeguard” on duty to ensure that the cuddle party stays true to its intentions. Icebreakers are often used in this environment so that members can begin to feel comfortable with each  other.

Here, at Sex Therapy in Philadelphia, we offer something similar, but distinctly different.  Our workshops are all led by licensed professionals who have degrees in counseling or education and sexuality.  Cuddle parties can be run by people with a high school degrees.  Our workshops are designed for a group of women gathering together to learn how to be the best lover their partner ever had, and how to get the most out of sex!  Our experience is typically a combination of book learning and information gleamed during our full time jobs as sex educators and / or sex therapists.  In our workshops, the first half of the workshop is focused on developing communication techniques.  The second half is focused on learning the actual techniques. Imagine a swim coach who is discussing and critiquing form.  Good sex is a combination of communication and technical skills. In this workshop, there are many ice-breakers to get the group going.  We offer these workshops in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, NYC, and Boston.