Affairs & Infidelity

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Affairs, infidelity, cheating, one-night-stands, secret marriages, emotional relationships or some issue of cheating is a real issue in many relationships. Find out what you can do to a) prevent affairs, b) survive affairs and c) move forward.

How to Communicate your Remorse after Cheating

Humans make meaning in the…

Caught him on Ashley Madison: Now What?

You found your partner’s name…

Affairs, Infidelity & Cheating

Affairs, Infidelity & Cheating :…

Infidelity and Marriage

Infidelity and Marriage are not two words that are supposed to go together. Working through the affair with your spouse, or alone requires vulnerability, honesty, and an open-ness to making behavioral as well as emotional changes. Change takes time, strength, and reflection.

Warning Signs Of A Sex Addiction

Warning Signs Sex Addiction: If you have ever wondered if your partner struggles with a sex addiction, read this list and discover for yourself how well your partner fits the description.

Level Of Commitment

An exercise to determine your Lover’s level of commitment to you and to this relationship.

Fear of Infidelity

Fear of Infidelity. Every couple, at some point, faces the fear of infidelity. Couples counseling can help.

Extramarital Affairs

Common reasons why extramarital affairs occur and ways to identify that your spouse might be engaging in an extramarital affair.



Cheating is a common term that is used by lay people. The term cheating is often used synonymously with “illicit affair, infidelity, unfaithful, bamboozle, fool, con, and defraud.”

Coping After an Affair: Learning to Trust Again

Coping after an affair and learning how to trust again – This tip from Sex Therapy in Philadelphia/Center for Growth will address coping after an affair when you just knew something was not right