Anxiety & Depression Counseling Group in Philly

Anxiety & Depression Counseling Group in Philly

(this counseling group has nothing to do with sex therapy)

Anxiety & Depression Counseling Group

Do you feel like individual counseling is not enough? Do you feel like you would benefit from being part of a therapy support group? Are you looking to gain feedback & support from other people who have also experienced anxiety and / or depression?  If so, then you might benefit from joining our anxiety and depression group.  The anxiety and depression counseling group will focus on:

  • Identifying anxiety & depression, and how it affects people
  • Understanding how anxiety and depression work
  • Exploring the mind/body connection
  • Learning other’s perspectives
  • Decreasing isolation
  • Improving communication
  • Developing behavioral-cognitive methods for coping
  • Developing strategies for change

Help is available

To join our Anxiety & Depression group call  (267) 324 – 9564 – and speak with our Intake Coordinator

When: Women’s group Monday at 7pm, Men’s group Monday at 8pm

Fee:  40$ initiation fee (paperwork and meeting with therapist), each group session is 20$ (5 week minimum commitment).