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The Female G-Spot

Learn how to locate and stimulate the female gspot.

Exploring and Becoming Familiar with your Vulva

Increase your sexual pleasure by exploring and becoming familiar with your vulva.

Receiving Cunnilingus

Receiving Cunnilingus: first and foremost focus on yourself.

Digital Stimulation

A one-hour how to exercise for digital stimulation utilized at Sex Therapy/Couples Counseling in Philadelphia.

How To Use Touch To Get The Most Out Of Sex

How To Use Touch To Get The Most Out of Sex – An important part of sexual experiences is touching. Knowing how you like your partner to touch you is sometimes the difference between a good sexual experience and a great sexual experience.

How To Approach Sex

How to Approach Sex – Rather than thinking about sex with the focus on having an orgasm, this exercise encourages you to think about how to approach sex with the focus being about pleasure.