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Reducing Your Guilt with Porn

Though there is some variation, most professionals define pornography as any form of media created with the intent of sexual arousal.  Pornography, or sexually explicit material (SEM), can take the form of literature, illustrations, cave drawings, movies, audio recordings, and so much more.  At its core, pornography is simply a sexual tool that has existed […]

How to Have Healthy Sexual Expression During Covid

         The previous article defined healthy sexual expression as engaging in activities that align with a person’s boundaries, which promotes comfort and self-satisfaction.  The previous article also listed three ways to determine one’s sexual expression: creating a list of one’s sexual actions, viewing those actions as though they were a friend’s, and reflecting on the […]

Healthy Sexual Expression During Covid

         The disease Covid-19 needs little explanation.  It has affected nearly every country on the globe.  However, Covid-19 has also influenced life on a micro level.  People are forced to stay at home, which influences finances, parenting, and social connections.  However, Covid-19 also affects sexual expression.  If you’re someone who cares about sexual satisfaction, this […]