Reina Lopez, Intern Sex Therapist

Reina Lopez, Sex Therapist Intern in Center City Philadelphia

Society Hill Office: 233 S 6th Street, C33, Philadelphia, PA 19106
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Reina Lopez (she/her) is an intern therapist for the Center for Growth. She offers individual and
couples counseling services from January 8, 2024, to August 18, 2024, virtually and in person at
the Art Museum and Society Hill locations. She is earning her Master’s in Social Work at Eastern
University. She graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor’s in Adult and Organizational

Therapeutic Approach to Sex Therapy
Reina is a dedicated and compassionate practitioner committed to fostering self-awareness and
growth through a combination of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), person-in-environment,
and strength-based approaches. With a focus on creating a safe and trusting environment,
Reina specializes in supporting individuals and couples in navigating challenges related to sexual
shame, anxiety, relationship challenges, communication, intimacy, and trauma.
In the realm of sex therapy, Reina understands the sensitivity and difficulty that comes with
discussions around intimate and taboo topics. She is committed to creating a safe and non-
judgmental environment for her clients to express their thoughts, feelings, and sexual
behaviors affecting everyday life. To help you identify and understand the root causes of your
problem, she explores the psychosocial background and familial dynamics that led clients to
their present-day challenges. Emphasis is placed on learning and identifying patterns in sexual
history, core beliefs and understandings of sex and or sexuality, and psychosocial connections
made with sexual behaviors.

Reina is passionate about helping individuals and families build successful lives. She has
experience working with survivors of domestic violence, providing emotional support and
psychoeducation on healthy versus unhealthy relational dynamics. Through empathetic
guidance, she helps survivors identify patterns of dysfunction that disrupt their everyday lives,
hindering healthy connections, and compromising their sense of safety. Her therapeutic
interventions aim to empower clients to break free from the constraints of past trauma and
move toward a healthy and thriving future.

Common Topics Addressed in Sex Therapy
Sex therapy helps clients identify challenges with self or with a partner preventing sexual
satisfaction. This form of talk therapy offers clients the opportunity to discuss the physical,
psychological, emotional, or socio-cultural factors that impact well-being and sexual function.
Sexual Shame and Anxiety

Clients can experience sexual shame or anxiety for a myriad of reasons. Internalized judgments
of feeling “bad” or “dirty” can create narratives of fear and guilt, leading to deep struggles with
physical intimacy or secretive behaviors. Challenges with self-esteem and body image can
impact sexual performance with a partner and acceptance of pleasure. Or clients may feel a
lack of safety or vulnerability creating a barrier to exploring preferences with curiosity. Sexual
shame can hinder a client’s ability to establish a healthy and thriving sex life, impacting their
personal view of self or an amorous relationship. With the support of a therapist, clients can

gain self-awareness of what’s impacting their thoughts and feelings about sexual behavior and
find healthy ways to improve their well-being.

Relationship Challenges
Amorous relationships are ever-evolving and complex. As conflict arises, clients may have
trouble problem-solving and experience a lack of physical and emotional intimacy. Over time,
conflict can take a toll on a relationship and clients struggle to reconnect or rekindle a healthy
and passionate dynamic. Common challenges that a couple face is infidelity, communicating
relationship expectations, life transitions and their impact on sexual function, exploration of
sexual pleasure, expression of sexual boundaries, and more. Sex therapy helps clients express
their concerns and desires in a safe and non-judgmental environment to work on intimacy
issues that impact one’s relationship and sexual life.

Exploration of Pleasure
Exploring what brings you sexual pleasure can be uncomfortable and challenging. Many clients
do not understand their bodies and have difficulty expressing desires or boundaries.
Information gaps on how to achieve pleasure stem from poor education, stigma, socio-cultural
barriers, and lack of self-awareness. Learning what brings you sexual pleasure is a form of self-
exploration where clients better understand the physical, psychological, and emotional
contributors to their sexual satisfaction. Sexual self-awareness helps clients feel empowered
and provides them with language to express desires when with a partner. In session, clients can
identify barriers that disconnect them from their self and sexuality.

Sexual trauma can have life-altering effects on an individual’s psyche and their ability to have
healthy relationships. Clients who suffer from sexual assault, sexual coercion, intimate partner
violence, exploitation, or other abuses may struggle with trust, vulnerability, and safety. With
much care, clients can expect emotional support paired with psychoeducation to help them
unpack their experiences and work toward healing. In session, clients will work towards
rebuilding their lives by identifying goals and working on strategies to regain autonomy in all
aspects of their lives.

Therapeutic Perspectives Utilized in Session
Trauma-Informed Therapy focuses on the impact of trauma on a client’s well-being, thoughts,
and behaviors. Clients learn to identify triggers and emotions associated with trauma-inducing
stimuli and how to appropriately cope and manage their distress. Whether you experience a
life-altering event, abuse, or dysfunctional conditions, clients respond to their circumstances
the best they can. Trauma-informed therapy considers the effects of such circumstances on the
client’s psyche and helps them regain a sense of safety, autonomy, and empowerment by
building self-awareness and developing healthy strategies to care for themselves.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based intervention that helps clients
become aware of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and how they influence one another.

This approach aims to reduce symptoms of mental health symptoms by engaging in active
problem-solving, restructuring, and reframing of maladaptive thoughts, developing self-
awareness and healthy coping skills to support wellness. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form
of talk therapy that helps clients better understand their problems and examines their thoughts
and behavioral patterns to improve their well-being.

Client-Centered Therapy, also known as person-centered therapy, is a form of psychotherapy
that emphasizes the client’s autonomy in goal setting and intentions for counseling. The
therapist does not dictate or instruct the client on what is best for them. Instead, the therapist
holds the client in positive regard, with empathy and respect, focusing on the client’s
identification of presenting challenges and assisting them in determining the next steps best
suited for them. This form of talk therapy emphasizes a safe and non-judgmental environment
for a client to actively participate in the therapeutic process.

Narrative Therapy is a form of counseling that helps clients examine their life’s story and
deconstruct maladaptive thoughts and behaviors. Understanding that we are not our problems
or behaviors, narrative therapy focuses on helping the client distance themselves from their
challenges and rewrite or reframe their experiences that improve their well-being. Clients learn
to separate from their problems objectively, reclaim their stories, and identify their resilience
and strengths.

What to Expect in Session
When working with Reina, clients can expect a secure space where they can openly explore and
address sexual concerns or challenges. Reina’s therapeutic process is designed to help clients
feel heard and supported as they gain clarity on presenting problems. The first few sessions are
dedicated to identifying and defining the problem supporting the client in building awareness. A
wellness plan will be established to support client needs and throughout the therapeutic
process, clients will unpack challenges and develop healthy strategies in alignment with their
goals. Utilizing a diverse set of therapeutic approaches, Reina aims to empower clients and help
them reclaim control over their lives.

Understanding that every client is unique, Reina tailors her approach to meet the specific needs
of the individual. This personalized method ensures that clients receive the support and
guidance necessary to address their concerns and work towards a more fulfilling and satisfying
life. With Reina’s expertise and dedication, clients can embark on a journey of self-discovery
and positive change, knowing they have a skilled and understanding ally by their side.

Academic and Professional Background
Reina brings a unique blend of academic excellence and practical experience to the field of
therapy, holding a Master’s in Project Management from Drexel University and a Bachelor's in
Adult and Organizational Development from Temple University. By integrating her education
and professional background, Reina has crafted a specialized approach to working with diverse
populations in a therapeutic setting.

Integrating her project management experience with her mental health practice, Reina has a
unique skill set to help clients evaluate, restructure, and prioritize their health. She is dedicated
to applying these skills in a therapeutic context, emphasizing efficiency, goal-oriented
strategies, and effective communication. This approach allows clients to benefit from a well-
rounded perspective, facilitating their progress toward positive and sustainable change.
The decision to make a career transition stemmed from her deep desire to aid in the healing
process. Yearning for more meaning and purpose in her everyday work, Reina discovered
fulfillment in helping achieve happier and healthier lives. With Reina’s credentials and
commitment to inclusivity, clients can trust that they are in capable hands. Whether navigating
personal challenges or seeking to redefine aspects of their lives, clients can expect a supportive
and empowering therapeutic experience under Reina’s guidance.

Next Steps with Reina
If you would like to schedule an appointment with Reina, you can directly contact her via email
or schedule online. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns about how to get
started. Reina understands that it can be intimidating to initiate therapy. She is here to support
you throughout your journey.