Nawaal Amer, Intern Therapist

Nawaal Amer Sex Therapy intern in Center City

Society Hill Office: 233 s 6th Street, C33, Philadelphia PA 19106
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From July 2023 through June 2024, Nawaal will be serving as an intern sex therapist at The Center For Growth, providing support and guidance to clients in need. Nawaal offers sex therapy to individuals and couples. . She has a particular interest in addressing issues such as sexual shame/anxiety, relationship challenges, sexual traumas, and questions related to gender identity and sexual orientation. However, as she progresses through her internship, she remains open to expanding her expertise and exploring other therapy topics to better assist her clients. Nawaal is dedicated to continuous growth as a therapist and is committed to guiding her clients through their therapeutic journeys.

Sex Therapy Philosophy

Nawaal firmly believes that sex therapy offers an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. As a compassionate and attentive sex therapist, she creates a safe space for clients to open up and address their challenges. Nawaal understands that sex therapy and seeking mental health treatment can be daunting, but she strives to make the process welcoming and comfortable, alleviating some of the fears associated with it. She also emphasizes the importance of mental health care, viewing it as equally significant as physical health care. Recognizing that our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors influence various aspects of our lives, Nawaal encourages individuals to address any existing mental health issues and maintain regular check-ins on their emotional, mental, and behavioral well-being. In Nawaal’s perspective, everyone, regardless of their gender, background, race, or identity, deserves access to mental health care, as it can be transformative for those struggling with various challenges. She approaches her work with an open mindset and is excited to collaborate with clients who are also receptive to the therapeutic process. Nawaal understands that it may take time for some individuals to feel comfortable and open up in a sex therapy setting, as growth and change are gradual processes, yet immensely rewarding.

During her sex therapy internship at The Center For Growth, Nawaal eagerly anticipates meeting new clients and further expanding her knowledge of various therapeutic approaches. She is enthusiastic about nurturing therapeutic relationships with her clients, with a strong desire to facilitate their growth, empowerment, and make a positive difference in their lives.

What To Expect In A Sex Therapy Session

Nawaal acknowledges that taking the first step towards sex therapy can be overwhelming for individuals. Therefore, in the initial sex therapy session, Nawaal focuses on establishing a connection and building a solid foundation for future sex therapy sessions. She collaborates with her clients to identify the issues that brought them to therapy, discuss current coping strategies, address any potential barriers to treatment, and establish goals for therapy. Subsequent sessions involve working towards achieving these goals. Nawaal understands that therapy goals can evolve and change over time, and she remains flexible and open to adapting to her clients’ evolving needs and concerns. With kindness, curiosity, empathy, and a non-judgmental attitude, she ensures that clients feel safe to share their concerns without fear. To ensure progress, Nawaal regularly checks in with her clients and keeps track of their goals. She values each client’s unique perspective and needs, recognizing that treatment methods may vary for individuals. Nawaal is dedicated to tailoring her approach to align with each client’s abilities, preferences, and comfort level. Emphasizing a collaborative therapeutic relationship, Nawaal welcomes feedback from her clients and is open to adjusting the treatment approach to best serve their needs and enhance their overall well-being. While Nawaal currently utilizes a variety of approaches during therapy, she is constantly growing and learning as a therapist and is willing to incorporate new approaches to best suit her clients’ needs!

Nawaal’s Approach To Relationship Issues

As relationships start, progress, or change, there can be moments when the individuals in the relationship feel a strain or an issue arise. Relationship dynamics can be hard to navigate at times. Some examples of relationship issues that may be addressed in therapy can be infidelity, different relationship expectations, changes in relationship status, and more. Nawaal wants to help her clients work through these issues by encouraging open communication and working on techniques to benefit all individuals involved in the relationship. If working with several individuals who have come in to seek therapy together, Nawaal would encourage direct communication between the partners to build the relationship up as one. If an individual is seeking guidance regarding their relationship with others, then Nawaal will help them explore their feelings and boundaries to determine the best way to move forward.

Nawaal’s Approach To Sexual Shame/Anxiety

Individuals can experience feelings of shame or anxiety when it comes to sex due to a variety of reasons. Whether these feelings are due body image issues, past negative ideas regarding sex creeping into the present, sexual performance issues, or another similar issue – these feelings can still be addressed and worked through in therapy! Nawaal wants to normalize the feelings her clients may be having in this case and allow them to freely share any issues they may be facing with these feelings. This can be done by first determining what could be the cause of these feelings. There can then be further work done on processing those feelings, and working on goals to lessen the negative feelings the client may have towards sex so that they can enjoy sex freely without feeling negatively about it.

Nawaal’s Approach To Sexuality/Gender Identity Issues

As we explore our self-identity, questions regarding our sexuality and gender identity may often come up as well. These questions can be confusing and overwhelming to deal with on your own – discussing them in therapy can be a great way to explore these questions and help with forming our overall identity. Nawaal approaches the topic of sexuality and gender identity with a very open and accepting mindset. She is nonjudgmental and allows the client to full explore their thoughts and feelings regarding these topics in therapy. Nawaal will work with the client to help them in any way she can so that they can feel like their true and happy selves through therapy.

Nawaal’s Approach To Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma can cause long-lasting negative effects on how a person views sex, how they view themselves, and how they view future partners. After suffering a sexual trauma, a person may not know what to do to make themselves feel normal again. Therapy can help by processing those strong, negative emotions following the trauma and setting up goals to continue on in life with a more positive and less burdened manner. Nawaal understands that it can be difficult to discuss trauma. Her approach to discussing sexual trauma is first working to unpack the trauma. This process would go at the rate set by the client – no one should be forced to relive their trauma when they aren’t ready. After this unpacking has occurred, Nawaal would then set up goals with the client to determine what exactly they would like for their sexual life or life in general going forward. Then she would work with the client to develop small, attainable goals to work with the client to achieve whatever outcome they deem best for themselves.


Nawaal is currently pursuing her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Trauma Counseling at Grand Canyon University. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Biology from Drexel University. Nawaal’s fascination with mental health developed at an early age, sparked by her exposure to TV shows, movies, and articles on the subject. Recognizing the lack of accessible mental health care for those who could greatly benefit from it, Nawaal was motivated to choose a career path that would allow her to contribute to the field and help individuals who were struggling.

Having grown up near Philadelphia, Nawaal developed a deep appreciation for the city and recently returned after living in various states due to previous work experiences. Her previous roles in property management exposed her to diverse individuals and life experiences, and her passion for helping people ultimately led her to transition into the clinical setting. Nawaal is now completing her therapy internship at The Center For Growth, driven by her passion for the mental health field and her desire to support others. In her free time, she enjoys time with friends, family, and her fluffy cat, Theo. Nawaal also loves visiting museums, watching movies, and engaging in spontaneous activities that pique her interest.