Melvin Tillman, MA

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Melvin Tillman has been a therapist for over four years now.  During that time, he has developed a clinical interest in improving poor self-image, conflict resolution within couples, and assisting clients with life transitions (e.g., entering/exiting school, moving, changing jobs).  Melvin also holds a strong interest in sex related issues.  For instance, he is passionate in helping clients with female sexual dysfunction, infidelity, and the pressures of male, sexual performance.

Melvin Tillman operates from a strengths-based, psychodynamic approach.  Essentially, he believes that highlighting one’s abilities can encourage the person to overcome their current obstacles.  Melvin also believes that the past often shapes the present.  Therefore, understanding and challenging past habits can lead to the person’s desired change.

Regarding education, Melvin Tillman received his Bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Following that, he attended Northwestern University and graduated with his Masters in Counseling.  He is currently enrolled at Widener University, where he is working towards his Ph.D.  With his required classes completed, Melvin is now working on his dissertation, which explores how female consumers of pornography assess authenticity in their desired material.