Janette Dill, MA

2401 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 1a2, Philadelphia PA 19130

Janette Dill, MFT (she/her) is a graduate of LaSalle University’s Marriage and FamilyTherapy Program which included a one year internship where I worked with individuals, couples, and family. While working with my clients I do lean toward a systemic line of thinking. While the decision to start therapy may have not been an easy one, I pride myself on creating an open and safe space for my clients to process and express themselves freely.

Sex therapy can be for individuals, couples, or families who may need helping having “the talk” with their children. Sex therapy is geared toward helping people with issues surrounding feelings and intimacy, sexual functioning, sexual beliefs, and experiences. Oftentimes these topics can seem awkward or hard to put into words, or you may feel fear of being misunderstood by others. If that is the case for you then seeking therapy may be right for you, a place where you can control the conversation and explore your thoughts around such a big part of the human experience.

I have an interest in helping my clientele with the following concerns: 

  • inability/difficulty having an orgasm
  • desire different sexual partners
  • Sexual orientations concerns
  • Sexual trauma
  • Unexpected life events impacting sexual experiences ie pregnancy or health illnesses
  • Anxiety around having sex
  • Fetishes
  • Intimacy

Sexuality is a part of the human experience. As your therapist I hope to help you unravel the layers of your sexual narrative so that you gain some clarity and growth within yourself.