Christian Dozier, LPC Director of Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy

Christian Dozier, LPC Sex Therapist

Society Hill Office: 233 s 6th Street C-33, Philadelphia PA; Telehealth Services in Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Christian Dozier, Licensed Professional Counselor, is a graduate of Arcadia University’s Counseling Psychology Program with an emphasis in Child and Family Therapy.  Christian’s training taught her different modalities of evidence-based treatment which allows for an eclectic approach depending on the client’s needs including Behavioral, Cognitive, Cognitive Behavioral, Gestalt, Imago, Marriage and Family, Mindfulness, Multicultural, and Trauma Focused therapies.  

Christian had learned that not all people who seek therapy are the same, which means that no one treatment works for all clients.  Christian takes an assessment of the clients’ personality, temperament, and therapy needs and works with the client to identify the best treatment for them.  This approach has made Christian very successful with her clients resulting in a high retention rate as well as the success in the clients’ progress. 

Christian has worked with clients in the areas of anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, adverse childhood experiences (such as childhood sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect), body image, sexual functioning, relationship issues, multicultural and systematic issues, parenting, and has worked with clients with intellectual disabilities.  

Christian enjoys working with couples to help them identify their strengths and areas of improvement to build a solid foundation for a strong enduring relationship.  Christian has worked with various couples presenting issues with intimacy, sexual dysfunctions, and communication blocks.  Christian works with each individual in the couple to find their truth, sit in their truth, and learn to communicate their truth to their partner.  Sometimes something as minor as telling a partner you don’t like their cooking can be a source of stress for someone and in turn would make them react in ways that can affect their partnership.  Another issue that can affect a partnership is when one partner is not authentic with how they live their life, such as not living their truth about their sexuality preferences, sexual intimacy, lack of excitement for their partner, ideas of infidelity, and so on.  Christian allows the space for individuals to identify and learn their truths, understand their truths, and to communicate their truth with their partner.  Christian will collaborate with couples to identify intimacy building exercises to strengthen their trust and bond.

Christian believes in the family unit.  When Christian served as a social worker, she worked intensely on making sure the parents of families receiving child protective services told their stories and felt understood.  Some of the parents in this population endured traumatic events in their lives, came upon hard times, and/or was just overwhelmed as a parent or single parent.  Christian provided these parents with the support they needed to feel confident again to be able to show up for their families.  Being a parent is a full-time job that requires a lot of learning, crying, adjustments, sacrifice, understanding, insomnia, and constant worry about the safety and being of their child(ren).  Christian understands the stressors of a parent from her personal experience of being a mother of three, and experience in the field of social work and counseling.  Christian offers parents a space to be real and express the things most parents think but wouldn’t dare say to others.  Christian is very understanding and welcomes parents to her space.

Christian understands how the impact of childhood adverse experiences can affect a child’s behavior and well-being.  Christian also understands that childhood adverse experiences can bleed into adult life as well.  Christian has had the experience of working with many individuals that went through these types of experiences and offers hope and space to move through it.  Christian knows that it takes time to overcome these types of experiences, and welcomes those who have been impacted.  Christian will offer an empathetic, compassionate, caring, and understanding space for those that seek help with overcoming their childhood adverse experiences, whether a child, teen or adult.

From 2012 to 2018, Christian completed her counseling internship and became an associate therapist at The Center for Growth.  Christian worked with individuals, couples, and conducted group therapy sessions. Christian took pride in working with individuals to identify their strengths and build upon them to help improve the reasons they sought therapy.  Christian believes that communication is the key to successful relationships with yourself and others.  

During 2013 to 2018, Christian was an expert forensic interviewer, interviewing over 1500 children, teens, as well as individuals with special needs.  In that role, Christian obtained statements from children, adolescents and adults with disabilities who were impacted by allegations of sexual or physical abuse, and/or a witness to murder or death in which the child/adolescent/adult was present.  Christian obtained statements that were developmentally appropriate and unbiased.  Christian worked with the parents of the victims and helped identify resources to assist the family through the difficult time.  Christian is aware of how allegations of abuse can affect the victim as well as the family unit.  The blame, shame, embarrassment, loyalty to the abuser, and incongruent emotional feelings, that both the victim and family experiences, is understood by Christian.  Christian assisted families experiencing this trauma and helped them work through the disclosure of the trauma.

Due to Christian’s enthusiasm for getting justice for those impacted by allegations of sexual abuse, Christian became a Special Agent with the FBI, investigating Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation cases from 2018 to 2022.  As a Special Agent, Christian rescued juveniles and adult women that were sex trafficked.  Christian built cases against the traffickers and had them prosecuted federally and locally.  Christian sought justice for the victims of sex trafficking and made it her mission to help them work through their trauma to succeed as adults.  The victims that Christian rescued knew how genuine Christian was with helping them and wanting them to have a better life.  In turn, the victims felt inspired to want better for themselves.  

Christian uses Cognitive Behavioral approach as well as mindful techniques when counseling victims of childhood sexual abuse.  Christian understands that some individuals struggle with making the connection with their mind and body when experiencing traumatic symptoms.  Christian collaborates with her clients to help them through the process of healing and making a mind/body connection that allows the client to experience their desired intimacy, whether it is mental or physical. 

Christian has a plethora of knowledge and experience working with children, teens, adults, couples, and families.   If you are seeking an experienced and knowledgeable therapist that possesses compassion, understanding and empathy, Christian is an excellent choice.