Addie Mooney, Sex Therapist Intern

Sex Therapist Intern

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Addie Mooney (she/her) is an Intern Sex Therapist at The Center for Growth and a graduate student completing her Master’s in Counseling Psychology at Temple University. Addie strives to create a non-judgmental and safe space where clients feel empowered to heal and grow. She acknowledges that therapy can be scary and encourages a collaborative approach that best supports the client’s own concepts of resilience and wellness. At The Center for Growth, Addie provides in-person individual therapy and couples counseling as well as virtual therapy. Addie also has an interest in working with LGBTQIA+ individuals providing gender exploration, expression, and affirmation therapy as well as understanding LGBTQIA specific trauma. Addie also enjoys working with the kink/BDSM community. Some of the issues Addie works with include:

  • Changes in sexual and relational dynamics.
  • Changes in or lack of desire/libido.
  • Changes in sex drive after traumatic life event.
  • Changes to sex before/after childbirth.
  • Inability to achieve orgasm and/or painful sex.
  • Dealing with intrusive or unwanted sexual thoughts.
  • Dealing with sexual addictions.


Addie Mooney’s Therapeutic Sex Therapy Approach

Addie’s therapeutic style integrates a psychodynamic and person-centered framework with a strengths-based approach. She also used several different variations of cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients discover patterns that might not be serving them and help replace old behaviors with new ones that benefit them.  Her goal is to meet client’s where they are at and hopefully travel along on the journey together at a pace that feels safe. She considers it a privilege to hold space for clients as they explore their unique path to personal wellbeing, whatever that might look like in today’s busy world. It is her belief that everyone will react to life’s stressors differently and acceptance of that is the key to creating a path forward. Addie’s approach is collaborative and provides a warm atmosphere to explore concerns and challenges preventing one from experiencing life in a meaningful way. Addie believes that therapy is for everyone, and you do not have to be at your rock bottom to reach out for help. Taking the time to seek out therapy can be an incredible investment in your personal well-being and precious relationships.

Addie’s Work in Survivor Services

Addie began her career providing counseling services to both youth and adult individuals who were survivors of or witnesses to domestic violence and interpersonal violence in a non-profit setting. Addie also advocated for individuals in various legal proceedings including divorce, restraining orders, and custody. Addie frequently provided medical accompaniment for survivors of sexual assault as well as support with navigating insurance and reimbursement for medical and mental health care in the aftermath of an assault. What Addie brings to The Center for Growth with her experience is the knowledge that the system our society asks survivors to navigate is often filled with complex challenges yet healing and resilience are possible.

Addie believes that everyone deserves a safe and supportive place to explore what they need to heal and discover what brings them pleasure. In her time working in survivor services Addie assisted in providing youth and adult support groups as well as creative therapeutic methods for healing including but not limited to painting, writing, and gardening.  Addie also has a strong understanding of narcissistic personality disorder and the negative affects living with a Narcissist can have on it can have on individuals, relationships, and family systems. Addie understands that minorities and LGBTQIA+ individuals may be disproportionately affected by intimate partner violence and sexual assault and will also face unique societal challenges on their path to recovery. When providing trauma counseling, Addie understands the importance of how our exploring and understanding our intersectional identities plays a vital role in facilitating wellness.

Addie has worked with a range of ages and understands that importance of a trauma informed approach to sex therapy regardless of the circumstances. Through her work she gained a deep empathetic appreciation for the bravery and strength of survivors of abuse and assault and continues to be inspired by her clients constantly. Addie Received her Bachelor of Art’s degree in Sociology from Shippensburg in Pennsylvania. She is an active member of the American Counseling Association (ACA). In her spare time, she enjoys vegetable gardening and discovering hole-in-the wall restaurants of Philadelphia’s incredible food scene. She also volunteers as an ELS tutor and has a passion for working with Philadelphia immigrant/refugee communities.


Sexual Trauma Therapy Approach

When working with individuals who have been exposed to trauma Addie utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) and prolonged exposure therapy with a goal of symptom management and improved quality of life. By using TF-CBT Addie can help individuals understand why certain events might trigger a negative reaction and learn strategies they can use to manage and those symptoms. By recognizing what emotions and thought patterns are linked to certain behaviors, new calming and redirected strategies can be introduced to help clients manage and decrease symptoms.  Addie also understands the effects that trauma can have on the family system as a whole and believes that engaging the individual along with their partner, caregiver, or family to build trust and understanding during the healing process can be a powerful intervention approach.

Sex therapy may sound like something wild and scary, and Addie fully acknowledges that it might be hard to talk with a stranger about such intimate and personal topics at first. Addie strives to provide a judgment free environment and understands that everyone has a different comfort level with discussing sexual topics. By providing a warm and welcoming space Addie hopes that clients will feel comfortable exploring how to be their best self. Everyone has the right to feel empowered and confident in their sexuality. Addie believes that sex therapy can benefit both individuals and couples in many surprising ways. Have no fear!

Sex- Related Anxiety Therapy Approach:

Anxiety around sexual issues is an extremely common concern. Addie understands that this can greatly impact our own self-esteem and our intimate relationships in a major way. No one deserves to suffer though anxiety alone and relief is possible. Addie uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to explore the patterns that feed the anxious thoughts and replace existing behaviors with helpful ones. Addie also believes that anxiety therapy is not a one size fits all and uses elements of a person centered and strengths-based approach to help individuals tap into their own management methods. Exploring the underlying issues that may be contributing the ones underlying anxiety are an important part of the therapeutic process for symptom management and it is her goal to provide a judgment free for clients to explore this.

Addie also provides support for individuals who are experiencing panic attacks by helping them understand the cause of their symptoms and working with the client to find interventions to control symptoms. Panic attacks can be a terrifying and debilitating experience that may cause one to make changes to their daily lives to avoid reoccurrence. Addie understands the complexities of emotions that panic attack sufferers may experience when seeking treatment and strives to create a warm and supportive environment where the client can work collaboratively to find realistic solutions while addressing the root cause of their attacks. With a combination of panic-focused psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, Addie strives to empower her clients with knowledge that they can gain control over their anxiety and not let anxiety control them.

Depression Therapy Approach:

Depression can impact our lives in many ways and regardless of if others can see it or not, and it has the sneaky power to isolate us and strip the joy. Depression can also greatly impact our sexual health and relationships, and sex therapy can be a helpful tool to address these issues. Many people who experience depression may feel stuck or trapped in what they are experiencing and there is nothing wrong with seeking help find a way through it. Addie uses a classic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach when working with clients to address the root of their depression, but also employs a strengths-based approach to finding solutions to minimize symptoms and improve wellbeing. Addie is mindful that depression cannot be effectively treated with a one sized fit all approach and strives to work collaboratively with clients to establish goals that feel right to them. Depression can be insidious and complicated. Much like anxiety, one does not need to be at their very worst to decide that it is time start working on their mental health.

Grief Therapy

Processing the loss of a loved one/relationship can be a heavy load to carry, and there is nothing wrong for reaching out for help. Sometimes grief can weigh us down in ways that interfere with our daily lives and cause us to feel isolated and alone. Grief therapy can be useful tool to help navigate through this difficult time and create a path forward. Addie uses a combination of emotion focused narrative therapy and strengths-based approach to help client’s process what loss means to them. Addie also uses cognitive behavioral strategies in grief therapy to help address difficult thought patterns that may emerge while navigating the grieving process. Loss can be very painful, but you do not need to suffer silently. Grief therapy can help manage make the healing process feel a little bit more bearable and manageable.