Sexual Health Questions

Do you have burning sexual health question, but are unsure where to go to get answers to your sexual health questions?  Ask a sexpert at Sex Therapy in Philadelphia.  Afraid that someone will figure out that it was you with the sexual health questions.  Don’t worry! Your name will NOT appear on the post. All posts are listed anonymously! Once submitted, we will moderate the post for approval. Please keep the language clean, no cursing. Thank you.

Again, we invite you to ask all of your Sexual Health Questions here.  While we are not able to answer all of your sexual health questions online, we do our best to answer them.  In fact, many of our self help articles have been in response to your sexual health questions.  If you absolutely need an immediate answer to your sexual health question, please call 215-570-814 today to schedule an appointment with one of our sex therapists / relationship counselors. We are located in Center City Philadelphia, in the high rise Independence Place, on Washington Square.