Melanie Dinaburg, MFT

Melanie Dinaburg is doing a fellowship at The Center for Growth for individual, relationship, and sex therapy counseling. Melanie is a Marriage and Family therapist with 6+ years of experience working as a therapist for wide variety of populations and topics.

Melanie’s philosophy is that while everyone is an expert on their own life, that doesn’t mean it isn’t helpful to receive guidance every now and then. It is important for self-care to check in with oneself and make sure that you are living your best possible life. Melanie helps individuals, couples, and families learn how to identify their needs and communicate them effectively to others.

Through her educational background and professional experience, Melanie has developed a specialization in trauma counseling, specifically with victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse. She also has experience working with addictions and sexual function /dysfunctions, as well as anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, and working with the LGBTQ community.