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Flogging 101: Where and How to Flog

Floggers are versatile in the range of use and impact there are various strengths ranging from light, medium, and heavy strokes. For purposes of safety, especially for the novices, the best and basic


Ask Alex, After so many years of a drought I have discovered my sexuality. For years I was ashamed of how I felt. I suppressed feelings and created a mental world of fantasies. Now my fantasies are

How do you know if you are bad at sex?

How do you know if you are bad at sex? Are you unsure of how to interpret your partner’s behaviors during and after sex? Does not knowing how you rank in bed impact your confidence for future sexual

Sex and Pregnancy: A Husband’s Reflection

The following is a written reflection received from a marriage counselor's client’s spouse about sex and pregnancy. This is a husband’s account of his experience of sex and pregnancy with his preg

Mind-Body Awareness Through Touch

A little bit about the importance of Mind-Body Connection, and what the disconnect might look like for women: Touch is an important element in having good sex, primarily because sex is at types turn y