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Level of desire

 Level of desire People often differ in their appetite for sex.  One of the most common sexual complaints among couples is a disparity in level of desire.  (Think: “When I’m hot (s)he’


WARNING:      The following self-help tip is only for the courageous! The “V” word. That’s right.  Vulnerability.  The mere mention of the word can make grown men squirm and grown w

Too busy for sex

Too Busy for Sex Your daughter forgot to tell you about the school project that’s due tomorrow.  Your son’s soccer game starts in 45 minutes and the washer just broke.  Your toddler got a rai

Redefining Sexual Values

Do you sometimes wonder after surviving a divorce whether anyone will ever find you attractive again?  Is it difficult to even think about being intimate with someone other than your former spouse? 

Beliefs About Sex

We all have underlying beliefs about sex, about ourselves, our bodies and how it “should be.”  But most of us think of these as FACTS, not beliefs.  If left unexamined, these beliefs about sex c

Sex and Pregnancy: The Third Trimester

Sex and pregnancy, during the third trimester can be the most complicated stage.  Body pain, such as breast tenderness may challenge your ability to feel sexy, and your belly is bigger than ever (and

Sex Therapy and Counseling in Philadelphia

sex therapy philadelphia So what exactly is sex therapy? Simply put, sex therapy refers to a therapist discussing sexual problems with a client. Sex therapy is superior to other forms of therapy for sexual problems because

The Four Horsemen of Communication

The four horsemen of communication - a common theme among married couples is that anger and fighting are viewed as negative within the relationship. According to John Gottman, a leader in couple’s c