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Benefits of Herpes Support Group

Herpes Support Group in Philadelphia / Center for Growth Inc So you just learned that you are living with the herpes simplex virus and you live in Philadelphia and you are trying to figure out what t

Sexual Communication Technique

Sexual Communication Technique Exercise: Communication in the bedroom is a critical to achieving intimacy. The Sensate Focus Technique Exercise developed Masters and Johnsons was designed to increase

Sex Addiction Quiz

Sex Addiction Quiz.  Get to know yourself better. Do you simply have a high sex drive, or do you have a problem? Answering this sex addiction quiz will help you define the issue(s). Do you fli

Mindful Sex

Mindful Sex: a guide to becoming fully present sexually Do you feel that you do not fully experience your sexual experiences and sexuality? Do you sometimes feel like you are not present during sex

Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits Before engaging in a "Friendship with Benefits" it is important for a person to decide for him or herself what she or he really wants out of a relationship. Some important que

Sexual Skyping

[caption id="attachment_2147" align="alignright" width="150"] Skyping: Technology and Sex[/caption] Sexual Skyping: Skype Sex 101: Action!  The decision has been made–you and your partner are go

Low Sex Drive

Low Sex Drive: problems with sex drive are to be expected if you are not enjoying sex - or do not get enough arousal to become orgasmic. Why should you want something that is not particularly enjoyabl

Sex Addiction Counseling, Therapy, & Treatment

What is a sex addiction? Sex addiction is best understood as a form of an intimacy disorder. Addicts typically experience compulsive sexual thoughts and/or actions. For example, sex addicts compuls