Sex Therapy in Philadelphia is located on Washington Square, in Center City. Each of our therapists have specialized training in sexual health as well well more traditional areas such as anger, anxiety, depression, grief & loss, shame, low-self esteem, trauma, eating disorders, chronic pain & illness, personality disorders, co-dependency and relationship issues. We offer psychotherapy, support groups, couples counseling, marriage counseling, family therapy and sex therapy.
Our Couples Counselors & Sex therapists at Sex Therapy in Philadelphia help individuals and couples struggling with intimacy issues such as desire differences, orgasm problems, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunctions, painful sex & vaginal spasms, affairs, infidelity, herpes, low sex drive, sexual aversions, sexual trauma, fertility issues, sexual fetishes, BDSM, gay lesbian and bisexual relationships, open relationships, love & sex addiction, including internet and pornography compulsions and co-dependency.
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Prior to choosing a sex therapist, couples counselor, marriage therapist or family therapist to work with, we strongly encourage you to explore our enormous collection of self-help articles.  These self-help articles will give you specific ideas for how to move forward in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace.  Additionally the self help articles will provide you with personalized information about how we, as individual therapists and as a therapy center conceptualize sexual, emotional and spiritual health.

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You don’t have to meet with us to benefit from our collective years of wisdom in this field of human sexuality and more traditional areas of psychotherapy and marriage counseling. All of our ideas are presented in the form of self help information that is available to you on our Sex Therapy in Philadelphia website free of charge.

Additionally, we offer sliding scale fees for individual, couples or family therapy services.